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Screw #FF

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

On Fridays users of Twitter (used to) recommend to their followers who to follow by appending their @handles with the hashtag #FF (follow Friday).

Today, starting this Monday (in a first of what will undoubtedly not become a convention), I spit in the face of this tradition. And besides, I will do more, I will tell you the reason why you should be following these fine tweeps (shudder).  

And here they are, in no particular order:

  1. @purplesime
    Simon White is a fine creative strategist, copywriter and digital thinker, based in London. He tweets super links and resources. Smart cat.
  2. @ivovegter
    Ivo is a contrarian and one of the smartest people around. He writes op-eds for a variety of publications and likes to get climatologists hot under the collar. Ivo has just published a book about environmental terrorism. You may disagree with him (as I sometimes do), but when you take him on, come armed with your well-researched facts because this Vegter does his homework.
  3. @maroonedinW14
    Advertising creative team, somewhere in London's W14 area (one presumes), stranded on a chair at a desk, floating funny tweets in tiny virtual glass bottles on the Twitter Ocean.
  4. @greatdismal
    The one and only William Gibson, author of much cyberpunk goodness. Tweets random brilliantness that comes his, and Mrs. GreatDismal's way.
  5. @pepemarais
    Founder and CCO of Joe Public in Johannesburg. His enthusiasm for life is infectious and his purpose of promoting education is inspiring.

That's it for this week. And because I follow many more fine generators of content, I get to choose another five next Monday.