There is no lift back up

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

Imagine you are skiing down a beautiful slope.
It is a gorgeous day.
Little sparkles are dazzling in front of you.
The sky is deep and blue, the powder under your skis are fluffy and crunchy.
There is hardly a soul around you.
You feel alive as you effortlessly and fearlessly descend down the mountain.
Ravines and peaks rise and fall around you as you make your way down.
In the distance, the horizon stretches out to forever.
You feel that sense of possibility in you. Joy. Peace. Quiet.

Now. Imagine when you get to the end of the slope there is no lift back up. And that you will never get to ski this slope again. Now rethink how fast you want to ski that slope.

You are going to want to stop when you get a good view. You are going to consider your speed. You are going to want to slow this beautiful day down to suck out every little bit of joy that every centimetre of the slope can give you.

This is life.

Where you are now, you can never return to. There is no lift back up to now. You're going to want to slow down. To make the most of every single second you have. Because the force of nature is pulling you further down towards the end. This is your main thing - to learn to slow down and take it all in. To make the most of every centimetre and every second. To make as many wide turns as you can.

There is only now.