Gamifying the battle against cancer

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

When I was still a boy my father died of cancer. It is a terrible disease. Somewhere along the line, we are all touched by it. We lose friends, loved ones. Or we get it ourselves.

My friend and colleague, Conn Bertish survived brain cancer. He threw everything he had at it. Chemotherapy. Radiation therapy. And his spirit.

Conn designed a series visual thinking maps to invoke his mind in the battle against the tumour in his head. He believed that if the brain has the ability to raise the immunity in the body, it also has the ability to help in the fight against the cancer.

Now he is helping others who don’t think as visually as he does to do the same through something called Cancer Dojo.

I have just posted an article about Cancer Dojo on Medium.com

Please give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments or by mail. And if you think somebody you know would find it useful, please share.