A small announcement

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

I was having breakfast with my daughter in a little restaurant in Paris when Pepe Marais, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Joe Public, called me to confirm that their agency will provide me with a home when I wanted to go back home to South Africa from Switzerland. 

This call signalled the beginning of a great journey with one of South Africa’s most successful and interesting advertising groups. In just under two years, the Joe Publicans and myself have set up a great digital presence in Cape Town and in the last few months we produced an awesome campaign together, launching January 2015, that is the best work of my career to date.

It’s been a great journey. But it has been one where the path kept veering to Johannesburg - which is a far way from my home and my heart.

So when an opportunity came up to join the Woolies team in Cape Town, it was difficult to say no. This is an opportunity to help shape a great premium brand from the inside, try out the ultimate agency integration model and most importantly - explore my interest in innovation beyond communication.

I am sad to be leaving the Joe’s and I will keep rooting for their continued success. But I am also over-the-moon excited for the new direction my career is about to take and the interesting places where it will take me next.