Mandela's legacy

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

Nelson Mandela is a man of flesh and blood.

He will succumb to his mortality - like we all are destined to.

Even though he has thus far spent 94 eventful years in this world - and by all accounts appear to be very ill - so many South Africans are trying to keep him alive through prayer and collective well wishing.

It is easy to understand why. He is the embodiment of a dream. He stands for the relentless pursuit of liberation. He stands for a kind of peace that transcends conflict. In South Africa today, the liberation he lived for and that we need, is under renewed threat of corruption and greed. 

But, the best way to keep him alive, is to pursue our own liberation with his tenacity. To seek peace, where others seek war.

Nelson Mandela's flame will go out. But instead of dying, it will be passed on if the same South Africans who are praying for his life today will be ignited with his passion tomorrow.