A bit of woooo

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

Imagine we all had a switch in our brains that we could flip to switch our minds to a higher gear. A mode of thinking where we are more creative, more aware, more at peace, organised and above all - happy.

Over time, I have been led to believe that such a thing exists. Transcendental meditation, or TM as it is known fo' short, is a type of meditation that was introduced to the western world by one Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

To the mind, made cynical by the world of advertising, a lot of the teaching on the periphery of TM sounds like wooooo, but in fact, there is some solid scientific proof that TM does in fact have real benefits. The David Lynch Foundation lists a bunch of them here.

The WHO!? Foundation? Yeah, David Lynch, one of the world's most next-level film-makers is an ardent proponent of the technique. Check out this video in which he - rather articulately - points out the link between TM and creativity:

I have recently started to learn TM and although I am only at the embarkation point on journey of understanding, I can already detect a change in myself. Better sleep, more focus and clarity of thought.

For anyone interested in enhancing their native power of ingenuity and living a more blissful, creative life, I recommend finding a TM centre near where you are and signing up.