There Amazon, I fixed KDP for you

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

I have used Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform three times thus far to publish short stories and a novella.

Even though I won't call myself a KDP expert, I have a few suggestions how Amazon could vastly improve their platform - which won't just benefit its authors, but also itself.

  • Payment: Enable payments from all the different country stores to be transferred to a global payment wallet - like PayPal. At the moment, KDP offers EFTs to a limited amount of countries, and cheque (!) payments to the rest. 
  • Insights: Currently, there are zero analytical tools on KDP - well, not available to the authors anyway. What would be incredibly useful, would be to see numbers of page impressions per publication, where they originate from, and what the conversion rate is from click to purchase. Understanding how an updated cover, or log line or book description affects that rate could literally change the fortunes of a publication.
  • Promotions: At the moment, authors who enrol their publications in KDP Select have the option to set "free to purchase" days. This means Amazon will reduce the price of the publication to free for 5 days out of a 90-day cycle. But so much more is possible if authors had more options. 
  • Social engagement: How about integrating the book's Facebook page with its product page? Or being able to hashtag the publication and showing those tweets or interactions on the page?
  • Boutique imprints: Amazon should encourage the formation of specialised imprints. They should create the tools for small publishing houses to be formed on the platform that promotes work in different niches. 

Hey Jeff, you're welcome.