April Fool Special

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

This is no joke. 

From the 1st to the 5th of April all three my Kindle books will be available to download, free of charge. You're welcome to help yourself to as many copies as you like - for your reading pleasure.

I have a small request though. If you do download any of these three books this week, please take a moment to add a review on the book's Amazon page. Tell me and other prospective buyers straight up what you thought - good or bad, of course.

The three stories are:

  • The Double: In a world where everyone has an exact double and where you decide to either be the hunter or the hunted, Clay Harbison stands on the eve of completing a perfect record as a double protection agent. But one day before he retires, one of his clients is killed by his double. With a blemished reputation and a descent into retirement, Clay has to make some tough choices.
  • The 144: One random night, 143 strangers board a subway train in Hong Kong. On its short journey from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, a freak power surge in the tunnel causes the lighting to flicker and induces epileptic attacks in all 143 passengers. When they wake up, their minds have all been transformed. Hopefully, forever.
  • Varkpos: [Afrikaans] One man's epic battle to destroy the internet.

Thank you for reading.