Keeping advertising out of journalism

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

As somebody who works in advertising, I fully support Andrew Sullivan's point of view in his concerns about the dangers of journalism fusing with advertising:

We are reaching a point at which there will be many fewer actual media companies, and more and more companies which learn to mimic what used to be journalism in order to sell their products. We’ve gone from advertizing supporting journalism to journalism supporting corporate propaganda. At the rate we’re going, as the line between church and state is deliberately blurred by desperate media companies, we may end up with a handful of actual independent online magazines and newspapers and a vast industry of corporate propaganda designed to look like the real thing. If we’re lucky.

Creative agencies are pushed to get as much earned media as possible. This can lead to hugely subversive tactics. 

As agencies, we have a moral role to keep journalism about editorial. Our job is to make our clients' campaigns as interesting as possible without having to revert to lies and tricks.