Taking stock

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

With every change of the Gregorian calendar we seem compelled to take stock, reflect and resolve important decisions for the future.

Even though the planet is spinning through a point in space that it has never been and will never be at again and even though I know the time we assign to days, months and years are purely human fantasies - I would like to reflect on where I am at.

Personally, the last few years have been very tough. I also spent most of the festive season on my own. This has given me a brilliant opportunity to reflect and to cement my sense of what is important to understand about existence as I move towards a happier future.

There's only now

Every major spiritual leader has taught this same lesson. The future and the past can only make us unhappy. It is only in the now that we find nirvana. It seems so simple but to master this truth could take a lifetime.

Life is not fair

The sooner we accept this very basic truth about existence, that fairness is only an ideal, then life becomes a lot easier to bear. The concept of fairness and justice is just something we strive for or wish existed, but it doesn't really. As somebody said recently, the universe doesn't give a shit about you. And it doesn't care for fairness either.

Letting go

Once you understand this you can begin to let go a little. Letting go is really important. Anger. Control. Fear. These are the jailers of the human existence.

It's just money

Don't chase it. Don't be chained by it. And don't be intimidated by it. Yes, we all need buckaroos to survive but once you understand that money will flow in and out of your life like tides in the ocean you can make peace with it. Enjoy it as a byproduct of what you do.


Like Simon Sinek says: “people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

This is true for companies and individuals alike. Purpose is the propellant that gets us to greatness. It provides framework and spine to our existence.

Embrace obstruction

The thing that makes us stronger is resistance. The creative mind needs something to push against to give birth to ideas. Embrace obstruction. Welcome your obstacles. If you don't have enough push back, seek out more.

Speaking of creativity

All of us, every human on this planet is born with every tool required for survival. Creativity. The genius of man. It is inside all of us. Don't deny it in yourself. Encourage it in others. If we all apply our little bit of genius to the acre of land in front of us the world will be transformed and be a happier and more interesting place.

Happy 2013 to one and all.