Follow Monday (week of 5 November)

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

Here, with another riveting instalment of Follow Monday, a choice of twittterers to follow, along with the reasons:

  1. Russell Davies
    Russell is the creative director of the UK government unit that oversees the mechanism through which citizens interact with the organs of government. He is a speaker at conferences, and column writer in publications. He likes breakfast.
  2. Taxi Driver Sipho
    Sipho, whether parody or real, drives taxi for bra Tiger and fixes "geeza's" in his spare time. He will give you a real insight into the life, mind and times of a typical South African minibus driver. You already follow him in his dust as he shortcuts on the shoulder of the road, now follow him on "twitta".
  3. Jim Behrle
    He will tickle the funny bone.
  4. Jodi Ettenberg
    Jodi is a Canadian lawyer, who one day, went on a little trip. She never really returned and became the "legal nomad". Her blog has spawned into a career and she has just published a recipe book. She tweets the best links.
  5. John August
    John is a Hollywood screenwriter and something of a digital pioneer. He really puts the effort into his blog and his movies are damn good too.

Follow away!