A note on taking notes

Added on by Leon Jacobs.

I am allergic to paper. Messy, scrappy and the dirty little devils have paper sexy time on my desk all the time to spawn more little paper devils. This is why I have been looking for ways to take notes using my tablet and my Wacom Bamboo Stylus (Steve was wrong on this, just so BTW, there are times when your fingers are not good enough, taking notes is one of those times. Doodling is another.)

For a while I used Paper by 53, which is totally awesome and still very useful for brainstorming. The drawing function on that app is so fluid and beautiful - a real joy to use.

But for straight up note taking I don't think it is as good as can be.

But enter, stage left, Note Taker HD. It solves the biggest problem with taking notes with one simple, sweet idea.  Normally, writing on the iPad with a styles is clunky as you have to write big letters, but what this software does, is to give you the option of having a zoomed field at the bottom of the page in which you write. This means you write comfortably, whilst having your words appear in a comfortable size on the note page.

The UI could do with some beauty sleep, but it is not so bad as to be completely off-putting. The icon however is totally fugly, but the value of the app outweighs the cringe in the base of your stomach when you notice it on your screen.

I recommend both apps, Paper for storyboarding, brainstorming and doodling (which by the way is very good for the creative process, please take note dear suits and rational zombies of the world) - and Note Taker HD for taking straight up reporter's/meeting notes.

On that note, peace out. (See what I did there?)