#FollowMonday: Week of 12 November 2012

Added on by Leon Jacobs.


You thought I'd forget, three weeks in.

But no. I have the memory of an elephant who is the love child of the memory of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I hope that makes sense to you. If it doesn't, here's the answer: It is looooong. And photographic. 

Here is who you should totally follow this week. Ferrealsies:

  1. Charl Blignaut aka @SA_poptart
    Writer for City Press, the resurgent South African paper and blogger of all things poppy and cultural and amazing. His tweets will heat up your interwebs like a white hot thing.
  2. Max du Preez
    Max is one of those individuals who make me proud of my heritage. He writes like an angel. When his pen vibrates with truth, it quivers in your ribcage.
  3. Kim Dotcom
    Kim's story reads like a novel. He is the founder of MegaUpload and he has run foul of almost every US federal law enforcement agency in the world. Read his story here. And see what he is trying to do about getting real broadband in his adopted homeland of the Land of the Wussy Rugby Players.
  4. Dave Trott
    Dave is a an advertising legend. His book and blogs are a must read for anyone vaguely interested in the dark arts of media and communication.
  5. Michael Heileman
    Mr. Heileman is the interface director at SquareSpace and was responsible for some of the groundworking work on the WordPress platform. Importantly, he gave us K2 and Kubrick and for that you should follow him. And his wit.

That's it kids. Tune in for another gripping instalment next week. Who will it be? @Wired? @HuffingtonPost? Only time will tell. Oh, the suspense!